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Is it safe to use co.brick observe?

Yes. Every feature we build is analyzed to avoid security issues in the following areas:

  • security of our SaaS platform where your data is stored,
  • security of the collectors (agents) that run in a read-only manner in your environment,
  • data protection - only you have access to your data (see the Terms of use document for the details of all applicable exceptions).

If you have any special needs in terms of selective data processing, refer to the documentation of our agent or contact our team directly.

What is the cost of running co.brick observe?

There are two factors of the cost:

  • license fee that is dependent on the chosen plan,
  • fee-related to the deployment of the collector (agent) in your system.

In the latter case, the cost is usually negligible, nevertheless, it depends on the individual price list of your provider (resource usage, network, storage) and the volume of data generated by the monitored system.

Is co.brick observe compliant with GDPR?

Yes, nevertheless conditionally the compliance may be broken. See the Privacy policy document for more details on our approach to Personal data processing.

Which cloud providers are supported?

co.brick observe is compatible with all cloud providers capable of running Kubernetes clusters.

I already have monitoring in place, does it make sense to use co.brick observe in parallel?

Yes. As an independent source of insights into your system, co.brick observe can be used with other monitoring systems, like DataDog or ELK.