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Status trends

The Status Trends view provides users with valuable insights into the distribution of different types of issues that have arisen in the system over time. By presenting a graphical representation of issue trends, users can easily observe patterns and variations in the occurrence of incidents, anomalies, and alerts.

This view serves as a powerful tool for DevOps, allowing them to identify trends, spikes, or dips in issue occurrences. By understanding the historical distribution of issues, DevOps can make data-driven decisions to enhance system stability and performance. For instance, identifying periods of increased issue occurrences can prompt proactive measures to prevent potential system disruptions.

Focus areas - problematic services

In addition to tracking issue trends, the Status Trends view displays vital information about the top alerting services and top anomaly-generating services. This feature offers a clear picture of the most problematic areas within the system, helping DevOps prioritize their efforts to fix or improve these critical components.

By leveraging the data and insights provided in the Status Trends view, DevOps can make informed decisions, optimize their response strategies, and foster a proactive approach to issue management.