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The Logs view provides DevOps with comprehensive access to all logs within the application. This view offers convenient filtering options for users to narrow down their search based on Service, Container, and Log Template. Once filtered, a list of matching logs is displayed, showcasing essential information including:

  • Timestamp: The time at which the log entry was generated.
  • Actual Log Line: The content of the log message itself.
  • Severity: The level of severity associated with the log entry.

When additional details are required for a specific log entry, users have the option to expand the details of that particular line. The expanded details may include, but are not limited to:

  • Container: The specific container associated with the log entry.
  • Node: The node on which the log entry was generated.
  • Stream: The stream through which the log entry was transmitted.
  • Log Template: The template used for formatting the log entry.
  • Service: The service to which the log entry pertains, and more.

By providing these comprehensive log details, the Logs view empowers users to effectively analyze and troubleshoot any issues within the application.