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The Events View presents users with a comprehensive overview of all aggregated events within the observed system. This encompasses events generated by the system itself (e.g., pod restarts) and events initiated by the user (e.g., deployments).

By visualizing the temporal dependencies among events, issues, anomalies, and alerts, the DevOps team can significantly reduce the time taken to identify and resolve issues.

Key Features:

  • Filtering Options: the view offers powerful filtering capabilities, enabling users to efficiently narrow down the displayed events based on their specific requirements.

  • Aggregation: users can aggregate events from multiple sources (services) into a single consolidated view. When dealing with a limited number of services, the view provides precise insights into cross-dependencies between individual services. For a more high-level perspective, the view dynamically adjusts and presents aggregated values, facilitating better visibility into cross-cluster issues and behaviors.

With the Events View, the DevOps team gains valuable insights into the system's behavior, facilitating quicker detection and resolution of potential issues.